hahahaha..my own computer in my shared room

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now..i have my own computer in my RO room..shared room with rahimi..someone ask me what is RO??

what is it RO?is it Reverse Osmosis water like as being sold 20 cent at shop..hhahahaha..i just laugh n said no..RO is stand for Research Officer who selected by lecturer to help them doing their research..

huhu..but actually my lecturer Dr Rahim¬† will buy us a new faster PC..but until when need us to wait???i don’t know..

  1. wanmus

    i want my new pc..

  2. palie

    ellop bro.. apa macam keje RO skang? bile mau open table… gua mahu naik jb ni…

  3. wanmus

    hahahha…wei bile mau turun?RO memang best..nih pun ade kt umah lagi..hahahaha

  4. wandy

    ooo.. my own computer.. hahaha

  5. wanmus

    siyot jer..yo ar komp aku kn..hahahhaa

  6. Kristopherrn

    omg.. good work, bro