Corporate Dinner KK’08 UTM

Alhamdulillah.last night ( tuesday) at Persada Convention Center Johor Bahru, myKKDK or Kelab Kaunseling Dan Kerjaya sucessfull organised a big dinner called Corporate Dinner which conjuction with Career Carnival 2008 UTM Skudai which be held on 10-13 March 2008..

at last, i think i will see my kkdk’s friends here before they grad. all of happiness among us always being in my mind..thanks i will share pictures the happiness of myKKDK @ Career Carnival 08 community members…

p/s: i just ask because i joined to play ‘kompang’ on opening ceremony..with adly, wak, kerk, fitrie, amir, zacky etc.






  1. wow. i like the sirap and the kek.
    Sorry bro, english saya nih ke laut.
    Dulu pernah juga bercita-cita nak masuk UTM. Tapi mungkin bukan ke situ perjalanan hidup ini.

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