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Alhamdulillah..last month was the most bad month of my life….

1- My webhosting got down for a whole month..until this week my webhosting are coming up back BUT i had transfer it to a new web server… ahahaha..also the cheapest price i will give to my customers…HAHAHAHHAHa… to know more go to 

2- My brother’s wedding day..huhu..i’m soo exhausted..just god know how my feeling about that..i just can said I’M TIRED!!!!huhhuuhu..but i’m also glad to get a new sister-in-law KAK SU

3- Technician emotional week i can say because a number of technicians that i need to meet was soo angry just because i do a simple and silly mistake…they think i got degree and i know everything!!nice one laa..

4- Waiting for gaji..lastly 27th feb i got my first salary as RO..hahhaahha 🙂

5- money that i get is always not enough to me?

ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY..please help me and the muslim…