CJ7 or DuniaBaruTheMovie

hohohoohoho..this is complex situation when you need to choose either one..huhuhuhu..either to see CJ7 or DBTM???huhuhu..

when money is this big constraint to me, this situation become worst…huhuuhuh

help me..to make a decision, will show to me some pictures about this two movies..

Official website for :

CJ7 – http://www.cj7movie.com

Duniabaruthemovie – http://duniabaruthemovie.com

pictures for DBTM –


  1. cj7 memang best tapi tak selawak cite stephen chow yang lain mcm kungfu huster.

    bilalah agaknya nak kuar filem baru arahan beliau.
    dah lama menanti

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