Kenapa bertajuk sebegitu..why?because i need your opinion, my beloved readers..ape kata korang kalau aku tukar bahsa blog nih ke bahasa inggeris?or in english, what do you think if i use english in this blog as a main language?

because, starting some week after this, i will give a huge best E-Book in my storage..and of course, it will in english version…don’t worried by frendz..it is all PLR or private licesnse right..and….it it FREE for you..

so, what do you think?


  1. ja

    bgs bangat..blh improve bi yg sedia lemah sket nih..ok je..cuma in malay senang sket nk bc n maklumat pn senang org phm..but idea ni bgs utk jangka ms pjg..

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