[Secret] Login Cpanel from proxy or firewalled network

The default Cpanel installation for Cpanel control panel , Webmail and WHM is running on the following port:

Cpanel – 2082
WHM – 2086
Webmail – 2095

For some users who is on a LAN which the firewall is blocking the above outgoing port, they may by pass the above ports by installing CpanelProxy script into their Cpanel hosting account. This can be done easily with the following easy steps:

Detailed Instructions :

Create a subdomain namely cpanel / webmail / whm in the Cpanel control panel
Download the CpanelProxy script from CpanelProxy sourceforge download page.
Once downloaded to your local terminal, unzip and upload it via FTP to the subdomain cpanel / webmail / whm which you have setup in Steps 1.
Access your site via http://cpanel.yourdomain.com for Cpanel control panel , http://whm.yourdomain.com for WHM or http://webmail.yourdomain.com for webmail.
Please be reminded that there is a possible security risk of enabling this feature on your hosting account. For every successfull login attempt to the Cpanel control panel ( without the CpanelProxy script ), you will see a message “Last login from: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of the last user who login to the control panel on top of the Cpanel control panel. This is a security feature to keep trace of the last login user to your Cpanel control panel.

Precaution :

However, with the installation of CpanelProxy script to your Cpanel account, the last login from IP will be always showing which is a local IP. This will wipe off any foot steps of tracing in case your Cpanel control panel is being compromised.

As such, we would urge user who have this installed to only login with the CpanelProxy script on cases where TCP port 2082 / 2086 / 2095 is blocked on the LAN firewall and the administrator does not allowed to have this bypass. User who have this installed may still access their cpanel using http://yourdomain.com/cpanel ( access via port 2082 ) or *http://cpanel.yourdomain.com ( access via CpanelProxy script ).

Download Instruction :

Downloaded that Cproxy File from sourceforge.net/projects/cpanelproxy and uploaded to the server!
and created one subdomain!
Now you can access the Cpanel without the port number!

p/s: its really work..i just login to my cpanel from my office which i can’t do it before..hahahaha


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