1. danny82

    thanks for tip. i have bought carikata ekamus from my university. absolutely love it. this is much better than any other ekamus product because it has over 20 list of dictionaries plus spellchecker and epustaka. its a 3 in 1 product. i recommend this.

  2. for english malay got free download…
    but for dictionary malay english do not have any web got 2 free downloaded.
    ur all just make money and not helpful

  3. Daili Hmid

    Assalamualaikum,,saya pernah beli secara sah software e-kamus ni,tapi cuma untuk satu kali install pada satu computer sahaja,lain kali kalau computer kita diformat,untuk install kali kedua ianya error,saya telah cuba hubungi admin,(sipenjual) sehingga sekarang tiada jawapan,,,,,,,,,,Minta bantuan…

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