Eagle Eye Movie Rocks!

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Eagle eye rocks! 4.5/5 starts i gave!

This evening with nik and hilman, we go to Pelangi Leisure Mall to see this great movie like afiq said yesterday to us. Thats why we go today. Yesterday we frust with senario movie, and now we claim our frust by this great movie..

If you don;t have time to go to see this great movie, make sure you buy their original DVD, and not CD. Best storyline, amazing sound system and effect. Its all about  super intellegent computered system called eagle eye made one decision that make chaos for the FBI and police. you can know when you saw until the end of this movie.

  1. lin azlina

    hihihi…citer lamer giler dah..tp xpenah tau pun

  2. jutawansenyap

    tak pernah tau plak aku ..citer paer ek?