1. hi people, i’m a brazilian internet user… i need help to fix some problems in my windows … and i need to know where can i find a free download of COMBO FIX … can you help me ??

    thanks for help me!!

  2. Evan

    I’d just like to say this tool looks to do a very good job. I run a small town repair shop and I see alot of spyware / virus infected PC’s every week. When I run into PC’s infected with multiple problems this tool is a must. I have only run it on a machine that just came in and all the apparent problems have been alleviated all though I will do numerous other scans to be sure. I’m quite impressed!

    Thx sUBs!

  3. Thanks evan for your review, just like me..this tools help me to recover a lots of PC nowadays..

    Normally firstly i run combofix until done, then i run avast antivirus on that PC..until now, i use this step to recover a numbers of PC..

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