CJ7 or DuniaBaruTheMovie

hohohoohoho..this is complex situation when you need to choose either one..huhuhuhu..either to see CJ7 or DBTM???huhuhu.. when money is this big constraint to me, this situation become worst…huhuuhuh help me..to make a decision, will show to me some pictures about this two movies.. Official website for : CJ7 – http://www.cj7movie.com Duniabaruthemovie – http://duniabaruthemovie.com pictures for … [Read more…]

Nak Hosting Movies @ Files FREE??

Place to put your share files (movies or others files) Hari ni nak kongsi ngan korang semua tentang alamat atau website yang sediakan free files sharing.. of course everythings free must have their own limitations. so i attach with link and limit for each website…ENJOY!! http://www.rapidshare.de – 30Mb, unlimited downloads, 30Mb transfers/hour, have to wat … [Read more…]