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YOUTH'09 - Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival

YOUTH’09 is Malaysia’s largest youth lifestyle event. A 3 day festival that is held from the 9th-11th January at the Putra World Trade Centre that brings together youth communities from all over Malaysia for a range of exciting activities. YOUTH’09 is mainly directed to youths but it caters to everyone from all of backgrounds and age. That means YOU!

We already known youthsays as a Malaysia free paid survey web portal. But now, they are conducting the Malaysia biggest youth gathering in 2009. Since the theme to YOUTH’09 is “Malaysia’s Largest Youth Lifestyle Revolution”, you would be able to participate in over 100 activities involving fashion, dance, music, entrepreneurship, personal growth, career and other youth interests. The only price to pay is your transportation cost to the venue! No, the event is FREE! Get your free pass to YOUTH’09 from YouthSays, YOUTH’09’s official online community. As i mentioned before on my post Limited FREE Pass to YOUTH’09

YOUTH’09 is jointly organized by Persatuan Pemuda Negara Malaysia, YouthMalaysia, and The Youth Intelligence. YOUTH’09’s partners include Rakan Muda, 8TV, AIESEC Malaysia, Animax, Fly FM, Hai Magazine, Hot FM, Jazzercise,, Macro Kiosk, Malaysian Today, Mangga, Mangga TV, Nuffnang, Wanita, Don’t Panic, Remix, Utusan Karya, Sports Planet, Innity, MIRC Incubator, Utusan, Kosmo, and Friendster.

YOUTH'09 - Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival

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